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The journey


The name 'Aminalee' originated from the delightful and playful imagination of friends dreaming big dreams. From such humble beginnings, the Aminalee label is emerging as a leader in customised eye-catching intricate jewellery accessories.

Aminalee's journey began within the supportive environment of a creative family. With the creative seeds of a craftsman and professional dress makers in the family, the foundations of expert jewellery design crafting skills were shaped.

In her Melbourne studio, Amina is a young designer inspired by culture, textures and colours. Her study of jewellery engineering deepened her creative sensitivity. It continues to help her understand the demands of the industry and appreciate trend forecasting, an important advantage in cutting edge modern jewellery design.

Amina's insight and skills into accessing resources and quality materials from various parts of the world have evolved since Aminalee began in 2004. This continual review of resources keeps pricing competitive and designs unique, exciting and evolving-just as they should.

The colours of gemstones are sophisticated and combine with their natural energy to complement the fine crystals and the intricate design of other materials used in the designs. This has become the signature of Aminalee.

The mystic and power of the natural resources inspires not only the designer but also customers who celebrate their culture and life events by coordinating different pieces to express their own individualism. Customers know that every piece is unique and crafted to an exceptionally high quality, equal to many leading jewellery designers.

Vintage inspired bridal and fashion jewels bring a new dimension to Aminalee and are fine examples of leading jewellery designs at competitive prices.

Inspired by her grandparents wedding photo and a local community tradition of Northern Cyprus villages where women would gather and lend their precious brooches and pins to the bride, who would have them either layered into the bridal gown or into her high hair bun creating a crown effect. This tradition of cherishing borrowed timeless pieces is symbolic of special relationships, love and bond between women.

Aminalee Handcrafted Accessories have been sold at boutique stores since 2009, Victorian Markets since 2010 and direct from the Aminalee website. The designs are actively sought by the fashion conscious who want individuality, quality and beautiful jewellery accessories that make their own statement. Custom orders are welcomed.

Such work comes from passion, inborn style and highly developed skills. A quote that has been core to the Aminalee journey speaks for itself.

"Keep knocking and the joy inside will open a window" Rumi

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